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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is charged with implementing the Church's renewed concept of shared responsibility among laity, religious and clergy. The council is the central coordinating group of the Parish, serving in an advisory role to the Pastor. The PPC is responsible for visioning, long-range planning, and policy decisions of the Parish.

More than sixty Parish Ministries are segmented into five Communities by common mission. Council members convene the Community Ministries and meet and act as Ministry Team Leaders. We attend ministry meetings, as possible, to serve as a supportive presence, to affirm the work of the ministries and to address needs, or challenges. Council members represent and communicate the needs of these Ministries to the PPC, and communicate the short- and long-range goals of the PPC to the Ministries.

If you are interested in learning more about the PPC or want to be considered for an open position on the PPC, please contact one of the current council members:

Fr. Jerry Boland -
Tom O'Brien June, 2023 - Deanery Rep
Mark Cullum June, 2024 - Chairperson
Sara Carsten  June, 2025 - Vice Chairperson
Patti Lawler June, 2024 - Secretary
Steve Schmidt June, 2023 
John Nicolau June, 2023
Mike Wycklendt June, 2023 
Bridget Baumstark June, 2024
Gretchen Zagzebski June, 2024
John Simons June, 2024
Michelene Bajakian June, 2025 
Brian Callahan June, 2025
Tom Huffman June, 2025
Sandy McBreen June, 2025
Ben Parma June, 2025


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