Parish Transformation

What is the Parish Transformation Initiative?

In the spring of 2016, OLPH was invited to participate in the Archdiocesan Parish Transformation Process, a unique program of spiritual discernment that empowers a parish to reflect on its health and well-being. More than 50 parishioners participated in a 14-week workshop to assess how well we are Living Christ's Mission by identifying our strenghs and weaknesses. After much research, study and reflection, the team identified two main areas of focus:

  • Communio:  to make OLPH a more welcoming and nurturing community of faith
  • Catachesis:  to deepen our understanding of our Catholic faith

Parish Transformation is a multi-year program with specific goals identified by OLPH to address the needs of our community. it is our hope that the process of transformation will become a living part of parish life-- a continual call for renewal for our parish as well as of each individual member. The journey starts withe each one of us. The destination is undefined.

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