Holy Rosary Zoom Devotional for Fr. Patrick's Mother

Father Patrick Kizza's mother passed this week. Fr. Patrick will be traveling to Uganda to be with his family. Please pray for Fr. Patrick and his family. There will be a special Zoom Rosary Devotional For Fr. Patrick's mother.

Holy Rosary Zoom Devotional for Fr. Patrick's Mother

Wednesday, September 30  

6:45 pm Rosary begins (online doors open at 6:30 pm)

Please join us as we pray the Glorious Mysteries for the repose of the soul of Father Patrick Kizza's dear mother Nalongo Imelda, who passed away suddenly on Sunday, September 27. Use the link below to join a reverent communal Rosary led by the OLPH Holy Rosary Group on Zoom.

6:30 pm Online doors open for troubleshooting and fellowship.

6:45 pm  All participants are muted except the Rosary leaders for peace and reverence; participants can pray aloud in their own space.

The Holy Rosary begins with visual imagery for deepened contemplation.

7:25 pm Closing prayers, fellowship and goodbyes.

Click the link below to join the Zoom Devotional Meeting. Please register your name and email address when you connect so we know who attended. 


Contact Jen Farber at 847-840-5899 or heartsafireolph@gmail.com if you have questions.


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