Sr. Paulanne's Needy Family Fund Donations

For over thirty years the Needy Family Fund, under the leadership of Sister Paulanne, has answered the call of those in our parish and community who are in financial crisis. As always, every single dollar donated to Sister Paulanne's Needy Family Fund remains here to serve these local individuals and families.

The goal of Sister Paulanne's Needy Family Fund is to provide hope, assistance, and encouragement to clients, so they may move to a self-sustaining life whenever possible.

It is through the tireless and compassionate efforts of Sister Paulanne - with the support of our parish social worker and a volunteer committee - combined with the generous response of parishioners and the wider community, that the Fund is able to meet the needs of families in crisis. In consideration of its size and impact, as well as the necessity of safeguarding the Fund, it is important to note:

  1. The Needy Family Fund can no longer accept cash gifts, nor disburse cash gifts. There is too much risk involved in giving and receiving cash. Also, for tax reporting purposes checks or electronic giving are required.
  2. The Needy Family Fund is not a free-standing charity. It is a mission of our parish.
  3. Beginning November 1, 2018, any check written to the Needy Family Fund (or Sr. Paulanne's Needy Family Fund) will be returned to the donor(s). Donations must be made out to "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" with the check memo line indicating the donation is intended for Sister Paulanne's Needy Family Fund.
  4. Donation acknowledgments will be issued by the parish in conformity with IRS regulations.
Primary contact person
Mary Lynne Januszewski, Director of Finance & Operations