SPRED Family Mass

SPRED Family Mass Sunday February 23rd at 9:30

You and your family are warmly invited to our SPRED Family Mass February 23rd at 9:30.

SPRED (SPecial REligious Development) is a ministry that welcomes children, teens and adults with developmental and other disabilities to develop an awareness of God in their lives and an awareness of themselves as persons with dignity deeply loved by our God.

SPRED fosters a sense of belonging to our parish community and the entire Catholic Church.

SPRED Masses create a sense of peace and a strong feeling of community.  

Please come to share our wonderful and sacred Mass: and we encourage you to invite anyone you feel would enjoy.

Refreshments will be served after.

If you have any questions please contact Sloan Salah at 847.312.1155 or Marty Smith at 847.567.5941

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