Business Networking Meeting

Speaker: Kay Wigton McBrearty of Waterville Partners
Topic: Purposeful Career Transitions - Navigating Your Internal Compass
Meeting on Monday, May 16 at 7:00 pm
Kay McBrearty is the founder and principal of Waterville Partners. She brings with her over twenty years of corporate experience in various leadership roles including: Operations, Director of Staffing & College Relations, Director of Shared Values and Director of Strategy & Innovation.
While Kay values her corporate experiences, her true passion has been mentoring and counseling individuals to help them attain career alignment and satisfaction. The past few years, she has been an effective career coach, leading clients through a self-discovery process enabling them to create a sustainable plan for achieving career fulfillment. She focuses on leveraging client’s strengths, interests and values while accounting for investments of time, energy, education or experiences. Her high energy, enthusiasm and straightforward approach are refreshing.
The group will meet in the Francis Room of the Lafayette Building

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