OLPH Lenten Mission 2023

Lenten Mission 9:00am, Sat., Mar. 25


All parishioners are invited to this wonderful event continuing our reflection on how light can turn us to the Lord. This reflection will be from the perspective of artists. How does light impact their spiritual journey as it is expressed in their artwork? Be inspired to see how we all in our own ways seek to “turn toward the light”.

This panel discussion will feature working artists right here in our midst at OLPH. They include:     

  • Musician/Composer Russell Stern
  • Film Documentarian Rob Orr
  • Writer Margie André
  • Visual Artist Terry Luc

The discussion will be moderated by Fr. Larry Basbas, who was a graphic designer before becoming a priest.
This should be a really interesting and inspiring event. We encourage all parishioners to join us, including young adults and teens who are interested in the arts.

The event will be held in McDonnell Hall. Light refreshments will be served beforehand. 

If you cannot be here in person, the Lenten Mission will be livestreamed. CLICK HERE for the livestream link.

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