2021 Annual Catholic Appeal

2021 Annual Catholic Appeal brochure

Annual Catholic Appeal

Despite the many challenges we have faced this last year in our nation, our world and our Church, we move forward as people of faith who have hope in the Lord who leads us. This year’s Annual Catholic Appeal theme renews and reinvigorates us. We hear Jesus say to us, “Come follow me … and bring hope to the world.”

Your support of the Appeal means bringing hope to the world. Hope comes alive in our parishes and schools, religious education programs, ministry formation and initiatives to address violence and foster justice, peace and respect for life. Hope reaches around the world through the Appeal’s support of Catholic Relief Services. Your support makes all this happen.

As you review the mailing from Cardinal Cupich, take note of those services that directly support the work of our parish and please give generously.

When our parish reaches its goal in paid pledge of $213,000, all additional funds contributed will be returned to us for use in our Parish.

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