Project Hope Update

A Message of Gratitude and A Fall Report from Sharon Riley:

I am thankful for all your kindness as our years of weaving together in support of the New Hope Apartments families continue to unfold. Along with Catholic Charities and our partner parishes of St. Catherine Laboure and St. Philip the Apostle, we are in our 13th year of helping homeless families transition out of poverty and into self-sufficiency through Catholic Charities' New Hope Program.

About 19 formerly homeless families and 72 individuals have been given a chance to live healthier, happier more stable lives. As always, thank you to:

  • Sister Paulanne for her early and unwavering support
  • Catholic Charities' talented and dedicated staff who bring the New Hope Program to life 
  • Generous donors who fund this good work
  • This network of kind helpers who provide moral, faithful and material support every step of the way

Catholic Charities is currently supporting four formerly homeless families in collaboration with our sponsoring parishes. 

Please check the latest Report as it highlights a new family being helped - a grandmother and her 17 year old grandson who recently found themselves homeless for over one month. 
In addition, we include a response from Audrey, who is currently in the program (Code name "Botswana"), who shared her powerful story with the Sharing Ministry and Catholic Charities Harvest of Hope Benefit attendees recently.