Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

As parents, we’ve all been faced with papers that come home in our children’s backpacks encouraging us to create a work of art together out of items you have laying around your household, including, but not limited to, uncooked pasta, glitter, googly eyes and scraps of fabric. It should be another school project that should be a fun adventure in teamwork. As experienced parents, we knew there would be a good chance it wouldn’t be. There would surely be creative differences, and tears. Of course, tears. It wouldn’t help that this creative adventure also fell during a busy week in life with recitals, games to attend and work deadlines. Surely, when it came to the fun family project, my only response could be “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Time is certainly a precious commodity. Of course, we spread ourselves too thin when we know that we should use our time wisely, but it can be hard to determine how best to use our time. Do I have time for this? Do I have time for that? What if we found ourselves with more than enough time to accomplish every item on our to-do list, time for all our relationships and time for every journey God has in store for us? Well, that’s interesting. What does God have in store for us?

You see, God knows our every moment; He knows all 24 hours in our day. He has a perfect plan for each one of those hours. As the minutes tick by each day, we get discouraged when our to-do list isn’t finished by the end of the day. Sure, we can say we didn’t use our time wisely because our list didn’t get done. But God challenges us and asks, “If you are walking with me step-by-step throughout your day, isn’t that accomplishing my to-do list?”

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”  Proverbs 16:9

So, that’s the plan. If we walk with the Holy Spirit throughout our day, we can experience God’s plans for our time. We accomplish His tasks, His ideas, His hopes. And, in doing so, we can find great satisfaction at the end of the day. Even more satisfaction than a crossed-off to-do list.

Sure, the bills might still need to be paid and the laundry put away. But, we find joy in knowing there’s exactly enough time every day to accomplish God’s will. There is time to be alone and time for friends. There is time for groceries and work and play and much needed quiet time. There’s time for exploring our faith, time for sharing our faith. There’s even time for family school projects involving glue, glitter, and googly eyes.

Turns out, walking with the Spirit, you do have time for that. What do you think? Do you have time to share your faith with the children in the Religious Education Program? Call or email me today so we can talk more about sharing your faith; who knows, there might even some glue, glitter and googly eyes involved.

Primary contact person
Cherie DiCesare, Director of Religious Education